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DataLyzer Spectrum is a comprehensive SPC software package designed to simplify the tasks of real-time data collection and charting. Its flexible setup and powerful functionality have made Leanov8  a leader in the SPC software industry for nearly decades.


DataLyzer SPC software has been designed with the many functions of manufacturing businesses in mind. DataLyzer provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Minimal learning curve and easily understandable training.
  • Full and complex setup of a complete manufacturing plant in just a few days.
  • Efficient data collection from various data sources including full functionality in a DLL.
  • Programmable shop floor screens customized to the operators’ needs.
  • Quick and powerful analysis, reports and dashboards for managers and engineers.
  • Performance reports for top management to drive the improvement process both for quality and productivity improvement (OEE is fully integrated).
  • DataLyzer is the only SPC supplier offering integrated FMEA, MSA, OEE, CAPA and SPC.
  • DataLyzer supports 21 languages and offers customers access to locally based partners to help you implement the program in your language

System Preferences

DataLyzer Spectrum can be configured to your specific needs. Some examples of preference options are

  • Control chart type
  • Selection of real-time analysis of statistics including all Western Electric, Wheeler and Nelson rules
  • All possible capability indices (Cp, Cpk, Cpr, Pp, Ppk, Ppr, NCP, NCpk, NCpr, PPM).
  • Email alerts can be configured for OOC, OOS, capability benchmarks or measurements not taken in time
  • Statistical distributions and normality tests
  • Multiple language selection of 21 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Thai and Hindi

Control Charts Setup

Create variable and attribute control charts of all types with dozens of presentation and calculation preferences, reasonable limits, math functions that automatically derive subgroup data from previous data, attach work instructions and predefined out-of-control causes and actions, and freeform notes.

Traceability Parameters

Charts can be set up with multiple traceability parameters. These parameters can be configured in multiple ways, such as: predefined list, values based on calendar, or even validation of data from third party software like SAP, or requiring password support as in FDA regulations. Optional traceability parameters examples are: operator name, shift name, batch nr, temperature and machine names.

Customizable Data collection Screens

One of the most popular features of DataLyzer is the flexibility in data collection. Data can be collected manually or semi automatically using gage connections. The manual option allows data to be collected by part or by characteristic. Charts can be ordered or chained in a sequence and traceability parameters can be carried forward. Specific part-based charts can be sent to specific lines depending on the production setup. DataLyzer offers powerful solutions to integrate data entry in any user environment. It means customers can develop their own user interface or DataLyzer can develop specific user interfaces.

Automatic Data collection

DataLyzer Import Services can be automatically imported from databases, MES systems, OPC servers, Excel spread sheets, cameras, CMMs, text files, etc. Standard connectors are available to import data. The import can be configured based on import rules and can include email alerts, etc. It is even possible to automatically create the control charts based on the import.

Drill down Dashboard

A real-time dashboard can be configured for a single line, an entire plant or even multiple plants. Over 20 SPC statuses can be displayed for each chart, with ability to drill down to specific parts ad processes, control charts, histogram and subgroup data and traceability parameters. A special dashboard designer and dashboard viewer offers the option to create any report you like.

Extensive Reporting Options

A standard set of 33 reports including control charts, histograms, bat charts, and Pareto charts that can be generated and filtered by date and traceability parameters. User-defined reports can be created using a vast set of statistics. These user-defined reports can also be configured to run at predefined time periods.

Certificate of Analysis

DataLyzer COA module allows users to create their own certificates of analysis based on templates. The certificates can be designed using Excel templates and choosing the data to be inserted at placeholders from the Spectrum system.
For more details please download the brochure.


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