Service Offerings at Leanov8

During the development and improvement process, organizations require support services in many different areas. Maintaining excellent quality and reliability demands consistent evaluation and improvement. We recognize having a reliable source to fulfil these needs is essential. Established on the principle of Excellence through Service, Leanov8 brings Value-Added solutions and delivers results.


Quality is not a given in today’s business environment, and the lack of it can be measured in needless costs, wasted hours and poor performance. Leanov8 Consultants place a direct focus on the pursuit of continuous improvement. We search for value in your development activities by discovering, measuring, and removing waste. “Our consulting services can benefit you!”


The need for high quality, cost effective technical training has never been greater. Organizations that strive to develop their workforce and keep a competitive advantage, know the value of technical training. Gain the knowledge needed to achieve your quality goals, improve the efficiency of your processes and reduce wasted time and needless expenses. “Our Training can benefit you!”


With today’s competitive market conditions, your projects have tight budgets and short timelines. There is no room for mistakes or wasted time. These projects require high quality, technical expertise specific to your industry. Leanov8 can get the job done by applying effective methods to support your initiatives. We provide Quality and Reliability Support for Product and Process Development.




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